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What happened to 2021?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Somehow, I lost a year. It was 2021. I'm not quite sure what happened or where it went, but it is gone and now it's 2022. Maybe I had the mistaken notion that 2021 was going to be a "normal" year. Wow, did that go out the window!

2021 became a COVID year just like 2020 and with new varients on a weekly basis, we as health care workers in the dental field need to continue to be vigilant. Many people purchased expensive products in the initial "scare" of COVID 19, and then regretted them, because they overpromised and underperformed.

The Dental Flex Arm is a simple design, very functional, easy to clean and great at freeing up the suction so you can use your mirror hand for retraction.

I hope this year proves to be better than the previous two, but in spite of the issues, we are all very blessed to be in the great profession of dentistry. Let's go...2022!

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