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Asked Questions

  • What is a Dental Flex Arm?
    The Dental Flex Arm is a repositionable flex arm which conveniently attaches to the back of any dental chair or dental tray, using an extra strong suction cup. It provides a "helping hand" for holding the HVE, saliva ejector, ultrasonic hose or any other dental hose and takes the weight off of you. It creates a very ergonomic and economical solution to the problem of high volume evacuation for aerosols.
  • Why do I need a Dental Flex Arm?
    You need a Dental Flex Arm to prevent pain in your shoulder, neck, back, hand and wrist. Using high volume evaucuation to reduce aerosols has always been the standard of care, but it has become even more important with COVID in the picture. This flex arm is the best on the market, with a superior suction cup and one dual strength flex arm that can handle both the HVE and saliva ejector. Once you try it, you will wonder how you ever worked without it!
  • Does the Dental Flex Arm fit on every dental chair?
    We have found that most dental chairs have a "sweet spot" even if they are curvy on the backside. Many hygienists attach it to their tray instead of the chair. This works extremely well. If for some reason you have a problem getting the suction to stick, please moisten it slightly.
  • Do I have to take it off the chair between patients?
    No, it is easily wiped down and you can just leave it attached to the chair. If you see the orange begin to show on the suction pump, just give it a few pumps to keep it firmly attached. When not in use, it can easily be positioned behind the chair.
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