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This video shows the ergonomic benefits to hygienists using the dentalflexarm.

Here is a comparison of using the air polisher with HVE vs. not using HVE. Notice the numbers on the aerosol counter go up when not using HVE


flex arm in horizontal position 2.jpg

Dental Flex Arm in horizontal position

Who are we?

Steven Christiansen, JD, MBA

Steven Christiansen is an inventor and entrepreneur. He has a desire to make the world better and easier for people. He has been in the medical manufacturing business for years. Mostly he has a kind and caring heart.

Kathleen Young, MEd, RDH

Kathleen Young has been a hygienist for over 40 years, and many times she wished she had a "third arm" as she did her dental hygiene work. She is collaborating with her business partner, Steve, to develop and perfect that third arm to make life easier for hygienists and dentists as well.

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