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Back to normal?

It feels like life is back to normal in the dental world.

Covid? A thing of the past...well...maybe. In spite of the fact that it is not an everyday point of conversation, the point still remains that we make aerosols in the dental office. Lots of aerosols!

Prior to COVID, we didn't think much about this, but it was brought front and center. However, it is easy to slip back into our usual (but not great) routines of no HVE, because it is just "inconvient". Let's remember that we are in this profession to provide the best care and the highest standard of care to our patients. That involves using the HVE during any aerosol producing activities.

The "new normal" (I know, we all hate that saying) is using HVE, and either having an assistant to hold it for you, breaking your back holding it yourself, or using the Dental Flex Arm to carry the weight. It is your choice.

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