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We have to think like a virus...

So says Carolyn Patenaude in her article "Working in the age of COVID-19: Think like a virus"

"Viruses are dynamic. Viruses are crafty and will mutate to survive.Therefore, we also need to mutate. Humans are creatures of habit. All too often we get comfortable with what we know, and we fear change. Think like a virus!"

"We recognize that these small particles linger in the aerosols created during our dental procedures. They remain present possibly for up to several hours beyond the time of dental treatment. Therefore, we are beginning to mitigate the virus by adding N95 masks, face shields, long gowns, filtration systems, and more efficient use of the HVE."

How do we make more effeicient use of the HVE? Well, we could have a full time assistant doing the suctioning for us (probably only in our dreams), we could struggle and do it ourselves (and go home with a sore back and shoulders every day) OR we could use a device that will hold the HVE and provide the suction needed. It is easy, ergonomical and economical as well. One such device is the Dental Flex Arm. Give it a try and begin thinking like a virus!

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