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Are you just "over it" !?

So much for a two week plan for getting over COVID. (Remember that was the thought last year?). Well, a year has come and gone. Many things have changed. I think some for the better. We are now much more aware of aerosols and their ability to spread disease. We are always on the lookout for products that will help us do that.

Now we have new strains of COVID coming along. Supposedly they target younger people. All the more reason to stay vigilant. Keep using a product like the Dental Flex Arm to hold your HVE, so that you are actually using high volume evacuation during your appointments, and not just wishing you could.

Someday, COVID will be a dim memory, but using your HVE will be a normal part of dental hygiene life. Let's work together to keep the standards high. We are all in this together- no matter how long.

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