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Dental Flex Arm

Life is easier with a third arm!

You don't have a third arm. That's why you need the Dental Flex Arm!


Dental Flex Arm with suction cup

What is a Dental Flex Arm?

The dental flex arm conveniently attaches to the back of any dental chair with an extra strong suction cup, and provides a "helping hand" for holding the HVE, blue boa, saliva ejector or your ultrasonic hose. It takes the weight off of you, and creates a very ergonomic and economical solution. We think it is the best high volume evacuator holder on the market! 

We developed the Dental Flex Arm during this time when aerosols are a big issue with Covid 19. The standard of care has always been to use the HVE when using the ultrasonic scaler, but it is almost impossible to do it without an assistant. This solves that problem in a simple, ergonomic and economical way.

Why do you need a Dental Flex Arm?

- Superior patient comfort

- Time saver for the hygienist

- Frees up your mirror hand

- Prevents wrist, hand, neck, back and shoulder pain

- You don't have to hold the HVE- the Dental Flex Arm does that for you

- Can place HVE both intra or extra orally 

- The Dental Flex Arm holds both the HVE and the saliva ejector

- Very cost effective

- Simple to place and easy to use



Courtney H., dental hygiene student

"I've been able to use this in clinic. It has been extremely helpful! It's the "third arm" hygienists need. It's sturdy and stays suctioned onto my chair or table all day! It doesn't get in the way, and does the job. It was especially helpful when I was learning to use the ultrasonic. This would be a great idea for dental hygiene schools to get for their students! Totally worth it!"


Dental Flex Arm 

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