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Why choose the Dental Flex Arm?

In this Covid-19 world, aerosol production has become a big issue, and many products are hitting the market. How do you know which one to use? Have you tried any of them? What do your patients think? How easy are they to use? Let's talk about some of the real benefits of the Dental Flex Arm.

When I was a young hygienist, and throughout my career, I never had an assistant. I think even today it is rare for a hygienist to have a dedicated assistant. So... that means we are on our own to provide the appropriate suction for the job at hand. Often this means doing what is easiest, not always best. One of the tools that often got left behind was the high volume evacuator. It was heavy, awkward and difficult to use. I have also been amazed (and a bit dismayed) that there are many hygienists that don't even have HVE on their units! This is the 21st century guys. Let's keep up.

I think most hygienists are very conscientous and want to keep a high standard of care. Enter: the dental suction holder. We need a hands-free dental suction holder because we only have two hands (when we wish we had three or more). There are several HVE suction holders on the market, but my goal was to produce the best, easiest to use, and most cost effective. I believe the Dental Flex Arm satisfies all three of those things. It cand be used with the existing dental HVE tubing- no need to buy anything additional. It has one of the stronges suction devices manufacured to hold the flex arm securely, the HVE attaches to the flex arm with ease, and it doesn't cost an arm (that extra one you always wanted) and a leg!

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