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What is your "new normal"?

Well, we've made it through a shut down, a reopening and now we are looking at a resurgence of the virus through the winter. How are you all doing with this? What does your "new normal" look like? I hope you are feeling safe and putting into practice all the things you need to do to keep your patients safe. Believe it or not, there are still dental personnel practicing without HVE while using aerosol producing procedures. There is no reason for this in today's world. The Dental Flex Arm is one solution to this problem, as it holds the HVE so the hygienist can perform the standard of care that is best for the patient. We all know the benefits of the ultrasonic scaler to the hygienist as well as for our patients. Less hand and wrist fatigue, Reduction of bacterial endotoxins. More efficient removal of calculus- the list goes on... With the use of this amazing technology comes some responsibility. We must use HVE, which was the "normal" even before our "new normal". Please keep the standard of care high, and care for your patients as well as yourselves.

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